The world of digital information has rewritten the rules for marketing success. You may have a great product and a solid team to back it up. And you probably have a phone number, an email address and a website -- perhaps even a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. You might even do some advertising or send out an occasional press release.

But that's not enough. If a potential customer is looking for products and services in your company's area of expertise, they will probably start their search online. And when they do, will they find you? 

Ask yourself how your company scores on these four keys to marketing success:

Visibility - Does your company and its products appear high and often in web searches?

Leadership - Do clients look to you for news, trends and analysis?

Engagement - Are you active on social media channels and are you getting a return on your investment?

Value - Is your communication valuable and useful?

The Augmentext method can raise your score in each of those critical areas. Our services make you findable in the digital domain. We position your people as authoritative and quotable experts in your field. We help you engage your customers and prospects. And we do it by providing a source of fresh, original content about your firm's products and services, content that helps you achieve your sales and marketing objectives.

Our customers who have used the Augmentext method have seen their search engine visibility go from buried in the rubble to the top of search results pages. They have seen their executives quoted in trade journals and news columns, and their companies covered by industry analysts.

Fueled by the Augmentext method, they have seen a consumer buzz created about their products made their social media efforts more become more productive. Their increased visibility has helped them attract sales leads and new sources of financial backing. They have seen interest in their business expand beyond the borders of their home countries. And, they've engaged their customers with high-value content.

Contact us at info@augmentext.com to find out how we can do the same for you.