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Stephen E. Arnold

Stephen is a technology and financial analyst with more than 30 years of experience in analyzing, developing, managing, and marketing information technology products and services. He is the author of six books including "The Enterprise Search Report" and his most recent book, "The New Landscape of Enterprise Search." He has written more than 50 journal articles and three technical monographs about Google. Stephen initially developed the Augmentext method as part of a project for a U.S. Government intelligence agency.



Constance Ard

Constance serves as a Senior Advisor with ArnoldIT and is the daily operations manager for the Augmentext services. She also runs her own business as the Answer Maven. Constance is an Information Professional with over 15 years of experience and she holds a Masters in Information and Library Science. Her latest publication, "Adding Value to Corporate Libraries and Information Services," was released by the Ark Group in January 2012.