Augmentext begins with an original content stream tailored to the specific goals of the client. A content stream consists of a series of original articles and features on a specific subject. The content is the foundation of the Augmentext.

For a typical client, we will use the Augmentext method to create individual stories on a set schedule, usually one a day, Monday through Friday. The Augmentext writers use a client's publicly-available information plus additional open source information to write a story that showcases our client and positions the firm in a positive light and in a specific semantic space.

The stories include a favorable comment or opinion about the client’s company or product and links to related content. The stories point to foundation articles such as an interview with the CEO or other executives where the company‘s strategy and vision is discussed.

Content created with the Augmentext method is delivered to real-time news services, to specialized search systems such as, and to mainstream services including Baidu, Bing, Exalead, Google, Jike, and Yandex.

With Arnold IT's social media program, Augmentext content is integrated with selected social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest to enhance the client's public image and profile.

The Augmentext approach provides our clients with the tools to control the positioning of the firm's products or services and the visibility of its key people. The content stream can also raise the profile of a key executive, brand, or product and serve as a steady source of information to use on a corporate blog or website.

The procedures for creating Augmentext content and for injecting the content into global search indexes involve proprietary software and business methods developed by Stephen E. Arnold, the CEO of ArnoldIT.

To find out how Augmentext can work for you and your brand, send an email to We’ll arrange to provide you with a thorough briefing and an analysis of your needs.