The Augmentext method amplifies a client’s existing sales, marketing, and public relations activities with a range of related services that can complement and reinforce your company’s message. In other words, we augment your marketing and promotional campaign.

Services such as a social media plan that integrates with your marketing campaigns can supplement and extend the impact of broader Augmentext program. Other related services that we offer include:

Newsletters – Content created through Augmentext can be repurposed through an HTML newsletter sent to your client mailing list. We can create and populate a newsletter for you or deliver the content in a format suited to your existing newsletter. Honk is a newsletter we created to help market ArnoldIT’s services.

Interviews – Our extended interviews with a company executive include biographical information about the executive, technical details about the company’s product or service and semantic “hooks” which connect the concepts and strategies discussed in  the interview to related information such as open-source documents. The interview is also shaped with links, graphics, and an opinion written by a member of the Augmentext team. It is distributed through a national news release, covered in a story in one of the our Web logs, and injected into the global real-time news stream. Here’s our interview with Paul Doscher, CEO of LucidWorks (formerly Lucid Imagination).

Feature stories -- When a company needs to take a position on important developments in the technology and business space, an Augmentext feature story can deliver what most blog posts or trade journal articles cannot: distribution of the ideas, concepts, entities, and links globally in a matter of minutes. The extended weekly features that we write are published in our Beyond Search blog or other online media properties. Each article is reviewed and approved by the client before it is published under the byline of the president or other designated executive. In a matter of minutes, the story is indexed and available to news aggregators, journalists, and researchers who will view the author as a thought leader and valued information source on the topic. Here’s an example.

Rich Media – An Augmentext program can be enhanced with podcasts or videos that feature your company, products and executives. The media experts at ArnoldIT can produce and distribute rich media elements on a schedule that meets your needs. Watch an example.

White Paper Reports - Our business and technical writers can work with clients to prepare white paper documents that explain a particular product or service. ArnoldIT's team of professionals is also available to consult with clients on business, technical, financial, and social issues.  

Other services – Our public relations subsidiary can write and distribute electronic news releases through national and International channels.