Social media looks like a free and easy way to jump start sluggish sales or generate qualified new leads. That's probably why so many companies adopt the Nike slogan and "Just Do It."

But random acts of social media can be expensive, wasteful and are usually ineffective. The typical impact of a weekly tweet or Facebook post, no matter how well-phrased, will be zero. In fact, poorly planned efforts can be counterproductive and, in extreme cases, even risky. Social media ads to costs instead of generating leads and sales.

Perhaps you saw these stories in the news:

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole used Twitter to make light of demonstrations and social unrest in Egypt by linking it to his spring line. He later apologized on his Facebook page.

McDonald's asked Twitter users to share their favorite memories of the burger chain. Instead it got horror stories of bad food and shoddy service.

After a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces posted a YouTube video of the attack that killed a Hamas leader, the Hamas military wing vowed to take vengeance on "leaders and soldiers wherever they are."

Arnold IT's research supports our belief that social media works best -- and avoids public relations disasters -- when it is planned, organized, coordinated, and evaluated. We offer affordable social media development programs that put social media to work with a tactical objective. We make a social media channel come alive with fresh content and thoughtful commentary provided by our knowledgeable team members.

            Basic - This package is designed to broaden a client’s Facebook reach by supplying a specific number of fresh posts, comments and “likes” each week. We even include Twitter messages to add impact to a client’s social media initiative.

            Visual – Focusing on image platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, this program posts images that help drive a client’s brand and message.

            Business – Content produced under this package will be aimed at discussion channels on services such as LinkedIn, Google+ and special-interest websites.      

With our programs, a client can use specific social media activities in a strategic context  to help achieve its business objectives. Our successful clients benefit from an approach that uses the Augmentext method to build a foundation of positive content about their company and a context-aware social media plan that synchronizes online efforts with events and traditional marketing activities.  Case examples of some of our work are available at this link.

Another element of an orchestrated approach is an analysis and monitoring of a company or executive's digital fingerprint. A digital fingerprint includes not only what a company or employee puts online, on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example, it also includes what others say. Competitors, disgruntled employees or angry customers can disseminate false or misleading information about a company or individual while hiding behind a fake identity.  
The reality is that most individuals in positions of responsibility do not know what their digital fingerprint is, nor do they know what type of social online persona key professionals may have.
ArnoldIT develops tactical social media programs in a simple, yet sophisticated manner using this three-pronged approach:

  • We map out a schedule of specific actions. Particular attention is paid to the client's existing sales and marketing programs and social media tactics are tied into these events.
  • We implement yardsticks to determine if social media activities are working. Our report card helps clients easily determine which tactics are working and which need to be revised or discontinued.
  • We work closely with the client's sales and marketing professionals to tailor the language of the social media content to the words and phrases the company uses to make sales.

Today's online networks and services offer a very democratic landscape. Anyone can practice random acts of social media. But it takes planning and coordination to make social media a successful business tool.

You can read more about the challenges of social media at To find out how Augmentext and a coordinated social media plan can work for you and your brand, send an email to We’ll arrange to provide you with a thorough briefing and an analysis of your needs.