Digital Reasoning is a company built around a product that can digest and make sense out of massive volumes of unstructured text, a task that had become increasingly difficult for organizations in the U.S. intelligence community in the wake of 9/11. Those public-sector agencies were Digital Reasoning’s first clients. Building on its success in the closed environment of the intelligence community, Digital Reasoning broadened its marketing efforts to include private companies that had similar challenges dealing with large-scale data collections.

But there was one problem: private-sector companies had never heard of Digital Reasoning. When they looked for the company on Google, the results pages for a typical web search of the phrase “digital reasoning” were loaded with references to college courses in computer science.

ArnoldIT used the Augmentext method to help Digital Reasoning bridge the gap between the government and the commercial markets. By putting the company in a new context, the company’s Internet visibility began to steadily increase. Run the same search today on Google, Bing, or another index service and you will see links to articles about the company dominating the initial results page.

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Augmentext made Digital Reasoning findable in the new digital business environment. We have delivered similar results to other companies and individuals around the world. Read or download the PDF case studies below to learn how we work with clients in a wide variety of disciplines.

Digital Reasoning – Augmentext gave the new company the visibility it needed to attract investors and customers. View the PDF.

Access Innovations – A new online information service created with Augmentext established the company as the leading source for accurate information about taxonomy. View the PDF.

Dumante – An augment program that included a website and social media activities helped the small specialty liqueur producer increase awareness of it's key brand in a crowded marketplace. View the PDF.

LucidWorks – Our Augmentext program helped separate the company from its open source competitors by emphasizing its professional staff and services. View the PDF.

Inforbix – With an Internet profile enhanced by an Augmentext program, Inforbix was expanded its sales reach before its technology was acquired by the CAD software giant Autodesk. View the PDF.

Smartlogic – A microsite populated through Augmentext helped the UK-based company establish a profile in the U.S. and compete in a crowded software sector.