What is Augmentext?

Augmentext is a powerful tool that uses search engines and social media to promote your brand, your company, your products, and your people in the crowded chaos of the Internet marketplace. With the power of Augmentext content behind them, your brand and your products become visible and your company and its people become thought leaders within your industry. The results are higher visibility in the online world, a broader understanding of your products and services, and a higher level of engagement and interest from current and potential customers.

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What We Do

Augmentext was developed by ArnoldIT, an internationally-recognized consulting company headed by author and lecturer Stephen E. Arnold. To serve Augmentext clients, ArnoldIT’s staff of highly-trained writers, researchers and editors produce a constant flow of articles on topics from within the client’s industry or area of expertise. Each article contains links and references to the client’s brand, product or people. Depending on the client’s needs, the content is published on a new website, posted on ArnoldIT’s popular business and technology websites, packaged for the client’s own blogs and social media channels, and injected into the global Internet indexes.

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Who Uses Augmentext?

Our clients include organizations and individuals from around the world.They come from technology, information services, consumer products, security and other industries. Some use Augmentext to provide a stream of high-value content for their websites, blogs, and social media channels. Others need the Internet visibility that Augmentext provides to counter competitive challenges or modify the "digital fingerprint" of key executives. Still others are seeking a higher profile to help attract investors. 

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Our Services

Augmentext is not designed to replace a company’s advertising or public relations efforts. Most of our clients use it to expand or augment their marketing strategies and as part of a comprehensive social media plan that we can develop. For clients who need additional services, we also produce press releases, podcasts, videos, white paper research reports, and articles for publication under your byline.

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Contact Us  

To find out how Augmentext can work for you and your brand, send an email to info@augmentext.com. We’ll arrange to provide you with a thorough briefing and an analysis of your needs.

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